Live From...the Stratosphere
Virtual Kuiper on MicroMUSE

A virtual Kuiper is under construction in cyberspace. This student- led project may have special appeal for computer-oriented students, particularly those familiar with MUDs, MOOs and MUSEs. Presently, the outer skeleton is built, but the virtual Kuiper lacks detail and an ability to interact with students.

If you have experience with MUDs, MOOs, MUSEs, or MUSHs (or if you happen to be interested and dedicated), then you can help.

If you'd like to take a look at what is happening, telnet to (login as guest). Then @tel to room #2074. Look for edwardo online. That is David and he is the student leader of this activity.

For more information send Email to David at

David says, "Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. To the rest of you, I hope you can check it out when it's done!"

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