Good choice.

Most teacher's lounges on K-12 web sites seem to think that "lounging" means professional development. They're filled with pointers to useful, interesting, and pedagogically correct resources that will improve your mind and your teaching practice, god bless 'em.

Not us. We think lounging means relaxing and wasting time. Although you'll find a few intellectually nutritious nuggets, we've mostly filled our lounge with the cognitive equivalent of empty calories. In other words, the amusing, the useless, and the down right strange artifacts of this ever-burgeoning webspace we all inhabit.

Note: To ensure maximum time-wastage, many of these activities take a really long time to load. We could tell you which ones, but that would save too much time.

Build your own custom newspaper
See Live Ants!
See Someone's Feet!
Talk to a cat
Race ferrets
Ouch! Those ferrets bite! Better get a Band-Aid®
Know all: The ancient mysteries of the 
Tarot come to the Web.
Got it rough? Just be glad 
you don't live with... The Loser

If you've got nothing better to do: Useless pages

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