Live From...the Stratosphere
Data Live from the KAO (as it flies)!

During the two live missions, data from the aircraft's onboard system will be recorded every five minutes in the files listed here. Some data points may be missed, resulting in a few incidents where the data points are separated by ten minutes.

Data from the October 12 flight

Ten parameters will be recorded in the format below. The words in parenthesis will not be part of the data stream but are included here to help explain the parameter.

 time=22:24:59                (provided in Coordinated Universal TIme - UTC)
latitude=37.400 degs          (latitude)
longitude=-122.050 degs       (longitude)
altitude=40926.8 ft           (feet above sea level)
heading=122.31 degs           (direction aircraft is heading; north=0 degs)
ground_speed=443 knots        (aircraft speed relative to the ground)
TD_cabin_altitude=9014.8 ft   (pressure inside the cabin)
TD_cabin_air_temp=27.5 C      (cabin air temperature)
TD_outside_air_temp=-30.17 C  (outside air temperature)
TD_synchro_ias=201.92 knots   (indicated air speed; speed of plane relative
				to local winds)
Potential activities include:
- tracking the flight path of the airplane (using latitude and longitude)
- correlating altitude vs. outside air temperature
- correlating altitude with cabin pressure
- tracking ground speed with indicated air speed to derive wind speed
- etc., etc.

See the lesson plans developed by John Keller of Los Altos High School (CA) for further ideas about activities.

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