The Passport to Knowledge team has tried to make Live from the Stratosphere informative and fun. Please tell us a little about your response to the project so we can do still better next time. Thanks!

Grade Level:

Teacher Name:


Are you male/female?

  1. I watched:
    • Science in the Stratosphere

    • The Pre-Flight Briefing

    • The Jupiter Mission

    • Night Flight to the Stars

    • Return to the Stratosphere

  2. Our class prepared for the electronic field trip by: (list any classroom activities you did before viewing the videos)

  3. Our class followed up the electronic field trip by: (list any classroom activities you did after viewing the videos)

  4. The best classroom activity we did was:

    The worst classroom activity we did was:

  5. The best part of the videos was: The worst part of the videos was:

  6. We accessed the on-line materials via computer and modem:

  7. The most interesting material we found on-line was:

  8. The most interesting thing I learned from the whole Live from the Stratosphere project was:

  9. Describe one thing you learned about:
    • Astronomy

    • Airplanes and flying

    • How scientists work

    • How school subjects are used in the world beyond school

  10. Live from the Stratosphere gave me:
    • Factual Information about Astronomy

    • Factual Information about Aeronautics

    • Factual Information about Careers in Science

    • Better understanding of basic Scientific Concepts

    • Better understanding of the Scientific Process

    • Increased interest in Science and Technology

    • Increased interest in a Career in Science or Technology

    • Increased appreciation for teamwork

    • Increased sense of connectedness across distance

    • Ability to use Computers and Telecommunications in schoolwork

    • Ability to ask good questions and synthesize information

  11. If in the future you could take more electronic field trips like Live from the Stratosphere, where would you most like to visit?

    How about the following places? Check all that sound interesting:

    Hubble Space Telescope

    Dinosaur Dig

    Amazon Rainforest

    Ocean Deep


    Return to Antarctica

  12. Next time I hope my teacher will once again do

  13. Next time I'd advise my teacher to be sure not

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