Live From...the Stratosphere
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KAO Interior Images.

    A picture of the telescope. (57k)

    The air compressors that keep the KAO's cabin pressurized. (57k)

    The kitchen. (60k)

    The commodore 64 used on the KAO. (50k)

    Another picture of the telescope. (72k)

    A technician replacing an oxygen regulator. (60k)

    The Liquid Nitrogen tanks. (48k)

    The satellite crew installing a satellite communications center. (67k)

    A shot looking down the left side of the plane. (65k)

    A Technician fixing a component in the aft electronics rack.(33k)

    The floor plan for the KAO. (105k)

    A picture of the KAO cockpit. (68k)

    A somewhat empty area just inside the forward door.(64k)

    Someone working at the ADAMS station. (25k)

    Main control console for the experiments done on the KAO. (55k)

    The back of the cockpit. (55k)

    A shot looking forward from the back of the cockpit.(42k)

    Another picture of the Telescope. (47k)

    Another picture of the Telescope. (73k)

    People working with a few onboard computers. (61k)

    This is the KAO's bathroom. (47k)

    A closeup of some of the satellite equipment. (56k)

    A shot looking down the right side of the plane. (42k)

    A diagram of the telescope. (43k)

    The Oxygen tanks that keep the KAO cabin air breathable. (69k)

    An instrument rack with the telescope in the background. (121k)

    The tracker operator working on the tracker. (132k)

    A back to front shot inside the plane with the sleeping area noted. (40k)

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