Multimedia Resources

Hands-On Materials as provided in the LFS "mini-kit":
Heat-sensitive paper and card: Educational Innovations
(203) 629-6049, or via e-mail:

Spectrum glasses: Rainbow Symphony
(818) 708-8400, 1-800-821-5122

Diffraction grating: R & R Packaging
(508) 433-6835


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Malin, David (1993) A View of the Universe. Sky Publishing Corporation and Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA

Project 2061/AAAS (1993) Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy. Oxford University Press, New York, NY

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Sagan, Carl (1989) Cosmos. Carl Sagan Productions and TBS Productions, Inc.,
based upon the original 13-part PBS series, (c) KCET/LA and Carl Sagan Productions, Inc.


For information about the Hubble Space Telescope via the Space Telescope Science Institute, access the Institute through
ftp, gopher, or the World Wide Web.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can access the Hubble archives via NASA Spacelink, dial-up number (205) 895-0028. Information about SOFIA and additional pointers to a large number of excellent educational and astronomical resources on the Internet may be found on the Live From the Stratosphere web pages (see Guides and Things section).

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