LFS Questions and Answers

Age of Stars

Aircraft modifications

Aircraft type

Altitude and Image Quality

Are you in orbit?

Astrophysicists on the KAO

Before the universe

Broken Telescope

Budget Cuts

Building blocks of life

Can Jupiter become a star?

Changing speed of the KAO

Choosing the pilots

Choosing who gets to fly on KAO flights

Coldness of outerspace

Colliding solar systems and Planet X

Comets & Jupiter

Compressors' Role

Cost of electronic equipment

Couldn't hook up

DIstance between rings around Jupiter

Damage to the KAO

Dangerous positions and response

Difficult to be a pilot?

Discovery Process

Distance of an object affecting accuracy of telescope

Distance to Farthest Sun & method of determining

Do you like your occupation?

Edge of atmosphere

Educational requirement for KAO staff

Effect of speed of KAO on ability to view objects

Electronics devices on KAO

Equipment aboard the KAO

Estimating the number of Stars in the Milky Way

Expansion rate of ring nebula

Exploding Stars

Extent of the universe

Favorite book

Feelings about walking on Jupiter's Moons

Flight length

Flying in the Mesosphere

Focusing the Telescope at High Speeds

Food in the KAO

Food on KAO

Formation of Jupiter

Frequency of new sightings

Gas in space

Gravity and Stars

Gravity on Jupiter

Handheld device

Harmful particles in dust

Help of early education on expedition


Highets speed

Hottest Planet and Hottest Star

Hottest thing an infrared telescope can measure

How did Earth get its name?

How do comets move so fast?

How do you fix the telescope

How far can the telescope see?

How the telescope works

How to collect atmosphere

Hurricane Roxanne

Identification of images on computers

Illness on board

Importance of Ones Teacher and Education

Importance of learning about stars

Injuries on KAO


Inspiration to be on KAO team

Interest in space

Interior size of the KAO

Invisible Star

Jet Streams

Juan Rivera's Most Interesting Career Experiences

Jupiter's Red Spot

Jupiter's moons absorbing heat

KAO Mission Disaster

KAO On the Internet

KAO crash and safety

Keeping KAO on the exact course

Kuiper Retires

Largest technological difficulty

Learning about far away stars

Life in outerspace

Life on Comets

Life on the KAO

Lifespan of a Nebula

Like it up there

Locating your object of study

Locations besides Hawaii

Maintaining air pressure

Maximum Altitude for KAO

Maximum altitude of the KAO

Meteor on collision course with earth?

Methane ice vs. water ice

Minimum age for KAO

Mirrors on an IR Telescope

Moon's gender

Most Difficult Mission

Most exciting moment aboard the KAO

Most exciting time

Namesake for Kuiper Airborne Observatory

Naming a Nebula

New Comet Hale-Bopp

New Planets

New solar systems

Newly discovered planets

Non-gravity environments

Nova and proximity to earth

Number of people to operate the telescope

Objects to view on 10/13/95

Origin of Methane

Origin of word 'Sun'

Origins of the KAO


Other gasses in space

Other telescopes on board KAO

Oxygen Supply

Oxygen and Health

Oxygen on the KAO

People working on SOFIA

Personnel on KAO

Physical Requirements

Pilot's salary

Planet in 51 Pegasi

Planet size, composition

Planets in our solar system

Planets sharing the same orbit

Planets vs. Moons

Pleasure from work


Position of KAO above Earth

Preparation time for KAO flights

Pronunciation of Kuiper

Radon Experiments

Reasons to study dust

Relevance of sixth grade knowledge

Repeating the Experience

Rho Oph Coordinates

Rings of Saturn

SOFIA Project's Effect on Researchers

SOFIA costs

Safety precautions while flying in the stratosphere

Salary compensations for KAO team members

Saturn's rings

Scared to fly

Schools for pilots

Seeing things at 540 miles per hour

Shoemaker Comet after effects

Size of Planet X

Size of telescope mirrors

Sleep for pilots

Spectroscope and Infrared Camera on the KAO

Staff size of KAO

Star and Planet Colors as Indicators of Heat

Study Other Planets

Telescope Power

Telescope Power

Telescope Protection

Telescope Stability

Telescope power of 50 feet in a 6 foot space

Telescope with most accurate view.

Telescopes types

Temperature of the Stratosphere

Thermal energy of Jupiter

Time frame for star explosion

Traveling at the Speed of Light

Turbulance and the KAO

Use space food?

Uses for infrared telescope

Venus' gaseous atmosphere

View stars at high speeds

Washrooms on KAO

Water landing

Wearing weird looking oxygen masks

Weight of KAO

What astronomical features is the Kuiper especially good for?

What can SOFIA do that the KAO cannot do?

Where do particles come from

Why choose Hawaii

Why not Shuttle

Why the KAO is called the C-141

Wierd things


Women on flight/experiment crew

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