Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.


10-15-97: Is This the End?, Bridget Landry

10-03-97: Take a Deep Breath, Bridget Landry

09-24-97: It's Spooky Around Here These Days, Bridget Landry

09-05-97: Our Costumes Won!, Bridget Landry

08-01-97: Why I Lie Awake at Night, Phil Christensen

07-24-97: A Visit to Star Trek Voyager & Deep Space Nine, Bridget Landry

07-21-97: Ambassador for Mars, John Moreau

07-15-97: Getting Back to Normal, Bridget Landry

07-08-97: Much More Than Ever Expected, Bridget Landry

07-05-97: What a Relief!, Bridget Landry

07-04-97: What a Rush!, Bridget Landry

07-04-97: We Made It!, Jim Murphy

07-04-97: The Days Before Landing, Geoff Haines-Stiles

07-03-97: Waiting, Bridget Landry

07-02-97: A Mile-a-Minute Day, Rob Manning

07-02-97: A Long Road Nearing the End, Linda Robeck-Fuhrman

07-01-97: Thoughts from Geoff, Geoff Haines-Stiles

06-25-97: A Few Final Maneuvers, Guy Beutelschies

06-24-97: How Pathfinder Moves Through Space, Rob Manning

06-24-97: Ready or Not, Here They Come!, Matt Wallace

06-23-97: How to Write a Pathfinder Sequence, David Mittman

06-23-97: Thanks to Everyone!, Bridget Landry

06-22-97: "Making a List, Checking it Twice...," Bridget Landry

06-21-97: Getting Ready for the Big Day!, Mark Adler

06-19-97: What Navigators Need to Know, Pieter Kallemeyn

06-17-97: Preparing for the (Un)Expected, Greg Wilson

06-13-97: Dress Rehearsal for a Martian Landing, David Mittman

04-30-97: "Just How Big is This Maneuver, Anyway?," Pieter Kallemeyn

04-29-97: "Hey Navigator... Where's the Spacecraft?," Pieter Kallemeyn

06-18-97: Anticipating Pathfinder's First Weather Report, Jim Murphy

04-22-97: Burning the Midnight Oil, Bridget Landry

04-18-97: A Snake Swallowing a Gopher, Bridget Landry

04-17-97: A Day in the Life of a Gravity Man, Bill Sjogren

03-10-97: Off to a Running Start, Jack Farmer

03-06-97: Exciting, Exhausting, Frustrating and Fun: Somebody's got to do it!, Bridget Landry

03-04-97: "Saturday" Means Nothing to a Spacecraft, David Mittman

02-26-97: Travel, Travel, Travel!, Peter Thomas

02-20-97: Things are Hectic!, Greg Wilson

01-03-97: Wearing Many Hats, John Moreau

12-09-96: Blowing in the Wind, Greg Wilson

12-06-96: Mars Pathfinder Launch, Donna Shirley

12-04-96: Launch Day, Bridget Landry

12-02-96: High Winds Aloft, Bridget Landry

11-18-96: Mars 96 Launch Failure, Donna Shirley

11-11-96: The Magnificent Launch of Mars Global Surveyor, Donna Shirley

11-04-96: All in Order to Head to Mars, Guy Beutelschies

10-10-96: Life in the Planetary Aeolian Laboratory, Greg Wilson

10-08-96: The Mars Cameras are Critiqued, Mike Malin

09-30-96: The Finishing Touches, Guy Beutelschies

09-02-96: Equipment Tests on the Lander, Guy Beutelschies

08-12-96: The Spacecraft Arrives, Guy Beutelschies