Live From Mars ended in December 1997. Please see Mars Team Online for a project about Mars which is still active.

Live From Mars Participant Profile

This version of the participant profile is ONLY for classroom teachers who plan to use Live From Mars in their classroom(s). The profile is for research use and individual information will not be shared publically. Please take a moment to fill in the profile. This replicates the prepaid postcard included with the print teacher materials. Please do not send in the postcard if you complete the form here.

To fill in your participant profile, please complete each of the following questions. This information is only for use by our project evaluators.

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8. How would you describe the size of the area in which your school is located?

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9. Which previous Passport to Knowledge modules have you participated in?

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    Live from Antarctica
    Live from the Stratosphere
    Live from the Hubble Space Telescope

10. How often have you used online curriculum projects other than Passport to Knowledge modules?

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