Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

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 9. Which previous Passport to Knowledge modules have you participated in?
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    Live from Antarctica (the 1995 original)

    Live from the Stratosphere

    Live from the Hubble Space Telescope

    Live from Mars

    Live from Antarctica 2

    Live from the Rainforest
    Live from the Sun

    none, this is my first experience with Passport to Knowledge 

10. How often have you used online curriculum projects other than Passport to Knowledge modules?
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    Hands-on activities for use in class

    Reference and resource materials to augment my existing lessons in this area

    Communication with other teachers who are interested in this subject matter 

    Good educational uses of the Internet

    Online collaborative projects that involve exchanges with other classrooms

    Interviews and exchanges with scientists and technicians working in this field

    Exciting video programs to help explain this subject matter to my students

    Other, please specify...

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