Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Lesson Plan

Name: Scott Coletti
Date: 6-25-97 (Wed.)

Student Population- 6/7/8 graders (on and off grade level, +/- 3 grades)

Unit Goal-Students will name geological features of Warrego Vallis on Mars, use digital image processing and analysis software in preparation to play the Mars Mystery Spot (Array) Game.

Lesson Objective-Students will play the Mars Mystery Spot game, finding opponents array by analysis of the Warrego Vallis image using NIH Image processing tools.

Guided Practice- Student helper will be directed to go through steps 1d-8d Students will be helped and encouraged as teacher circulates through understanding check and facilitation.

Closure- Students will be brought together as class. Winning team will answer questions and explanation how they found opponent array. Teacher will call for the shut down of the lab 3 minutes before passing bell rings.

Independent Practice- NONE

Materials & Equipment- Access to Mac/s, Student Handout, NIH Image 1.60 or newer, Learner records printed for annotation, Image file of Warrego Vallis on Mars, videos titled "Live From Mars: COUNTDOWN" OR "Live From Mars: CRUISING BETWEEN THE PLANETS", AV hardware.