Viking Orbiter Images of Mars

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Software: IMDISP (DOS)or Image4PDS (Macintosh)



 Volume Number          Frame Numbers

	1			122S01-166S24
	2			167S01-210S42
	3			211S01-251S30
	4			252S01-321S72
	5			319S12-363S56
	6			365S01-405S30
	7			406S11-436S36
	8			437S01-467S36
	9			468S01-485S24
	10			003A01-038A32
	11			039A01-070A32
	12			071A01-105A48
	13			106A01-212A64
	14			214A01-272A36
	15			273A01-322A40
	16			326A01-372A50
	17			373A01-414A40
	18			416A01-443A10
	19			444A01-472A60
	20			474A01-527A10
	21			529A01-572A36
	22			573A01-605A96
	23			606A01-634A48
	24			635A01-663A86
	25			664A01-693A48
	26			694A01-718A60
	27			719A01-743A66
	28			744A01-771X00
	29			772A01-825A52
	30			826A01-888A16
	31			890A01-919A62
	32			920A06-980A10

	51			004Y01-048B53
	52			049B01-077B95
	53			078B11-140B54
	54			141B01-187B52
	55			188B01-262B75
	56			264B01-308B90
	57			310B31-355B60
	58			356B01-392B20
	59			393B01-434B14
	60			437B10-497B96
	61			499B01-544B16
	62			545B01-576B60
	63			577B01-703B72
	64			704B01-705B52
This data set includes sub-sampled versions of Viking Orbiter images on CD-ROM that are intended to facilitate rapid viewing of the image collection. The image data in these browse images have been reduced in size by sub-sampling the original image by a factor of 4 in both lines and samples. Thus, the data volume has been reduced by a factor of 16. A Viking Orbiter browse image contains 264 lines and 300 samples. A filtering procedure was used in generating the browse images because Viking Orbiter images commonly contain noisy data or are missing data.

See the section on MDIM for the difference between the Viking CD-ROM set the MDIM set. All volumes of the Viking contain both browse and compressed images.

These CD-ROMs contain images taken by the Visual Imaging Subsystems (VIS) on NASA's twin Viking Orbiter spacecraft to Mars. These images are copies of the Experiment Data Record (EDR) images. No processing has been performed on the EDR image data. Thus, processing to perform radiometric and geometric calibration, removal of noise, and interpolation of missing data may be required to interpret the images. EDR images in this CD-ROM set have been compressed so that more data can fit onto each CD-ROM volume. The image data can be restored to their uncompressed format using algorithms described in documentation on these discs. Image decompression software in several programming languages is also included on the discs. Most of the planet was covered at resolutions from less than 20 to greater than 250 meters per pixel

Syed S. Towheed,, (301)286-4136
Hughes STX, Code 633, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
Jennifer R. Ash-Poole, (301)286-6695
Hughes-STX, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 633
Greenbelt, MD 20771

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