Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Mr. Yob's 3rd Grade Students' Artwork

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"Rockets in Space" by Jerre, age 9

"The Rocket" by Peter, age 8

"NASA Robot" by Pablo, age 8

"Mars Time" by Rachael, age 7

"Mars in Space" by Steven, age 7

"The New Space Probe" by Alex, age 7

"The Alien Who Loved Mars" by Laura, age 7

"Aliens from Outer Space" by Shakeem, age 8

"Earth to Mars" by Danny, age 8

"The Alien Was on Mars" by Mei, age 8

"The Red Planet" by Ilyn, age 8

"Mars" by Calvin, age 8

"On Mars" by Alma, age 8

"The Beast in Mars" by Fidel, age 8

"Man on Mars" by Jessica, age 8

"The Earth" by Taylor, age 8

"The Martian and the Man" by David, age 8

"NASA's Car" by Nicholas, age 8