Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Charlie Lindgren's Kids do Activity 1.2: Mapping the Topography of Unknown Surfaces

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30 students from our two teams were selected by our art teachers to design the 3-D clay models

We downloaded Martian images from various sites including Live from Mars and ...

...attempted to duplicate the photograph.

Some of the landscapes were very complex!

While the artists worked, another girl drilled more than 4,000 holes in the container covers!

11 containers were created, and we started to take measurements. The readings were recorded on a grid, and a data sheet

X = 15, Y = 3, Z = 2

Then we translated the heights into colors.

From the grid we created a topographic map.

We also entered all of the data into a spreadsheet.

We created 3-D images of the spreadsheet in black and white, and in...

... color!

Then we attempted to match the landscape to the 3-D graph and topographic map by ...

...looking at the original photographs

This was not easy! The most diligent group was only able to match 8 of the 11 landscapes!