Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Fifth grade teacher, Kathy Lee, and her fifth grade class visit Muncie Community Schools Planetarium in January 1997.

Hi! from South View Elementary School in Muncie, IN. Fifth grade teacher, Kathy Lee, works with Heather Cantrell and Suzi Thornton as they assemble a paper model of Mars Pathfinder.

Kathy Lee provides additional instruction to students assembling the paper model of the Mars Pathfinder.

Lyndsey Owens, points to a newspaper article about NASA-JPL Mars Pathfinder as classmates Jerry Whitton and Amber Clark locate information about physical features on the Martian surface.

Fifth graders learned that older resource materials gave out-dated information when attempting to compare Earth to Mars for Activity A.3

Students complete paper model of Mars Pathfinder. Paper model was provided by NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory Office of Education Outreach for the Mars Exploration Students discover conflicting information as they complete research on Earth and Mars.