Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Mrs. Gast's 6th grade English class
shares some original poetry.

by David M.

Mars is a planet that is really far away.
To get there it takes months, weeks, and many days.
Mars is a planet that is really cold and bare.
Its atmosphere is made of really thin air.
Unlike the moon, which is covered by dust,
Mars is red because it's covered by rust.
We on Earth are exploring Mars.
We will use a rover or a small Mars car.
To explore its atmosphere we have Surveyor.
To land on the surface we have Pathfinder.
To explore the surface we have Sojourner.
It will be set out by Pathfinder.
By the time Sojourner gets on its way
It will be Independence Day.
From these explorations we will learn much,
And maybe someday it will be a planet we can touch.

by Denny M.

Mars is the planet next to the Earth.
Earth is the planet of our birth.
Mars has a lot of iron dust.
This kind of dust is called rust.
Mars is like the Earth because of its poles.
But I am sure that it doesn't have moles.
Mars also has two big moons.
It doesn't have any rainy monsoons.
Most people think Mars is a mystery
Because not much is known about its history.

Mars: Red Planet
by Eric L

Mars, Red Planet
Mars, Mysterious Planet
Mars, Martian Planet
Mars, Dusty Planet
Mars Red Planet

I Am Mars
by Eric L.

"Why do I get all the attention?
Just everyone leave me alone!
All these things driving on me.
Get off me and go home!
The thing that really gets me
Are the ugly human things
That go in and out of the house
Of the weird Alien King!"

The Face
by Eric L

"Hey! Look at this! Look at what they're trying to do!
They're trying to spy on Mars and all of us, too!
Lets all hide! They'll never know where we'll be!"
One hid underground, but his face you could see.
Viking 2 took a shot of this picture as you know.
But in the way of the right was a shadow.
Now the mystery of the face is on the down low.

The students of this class have been using fiction and nonfiction readings to inspire writing and elaboration. I hope you enjoy them.
- Rose