Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Adam Hodge, Grade 5
from Mrs. Fender's Class

How Mars Got Its Name

In the summer of 1357, there was born a little baby. His name was Mars. When Mars was nine, he worked with his dad sharpening spears and arrows. They also made Roman chariots and harnesses. When he was eleven, Mars became a great young warrior. He was in every battle. In one war, he got shot by a bow and arrow in his back. The leader took him to the doctor, and he got it pulled out of him. When he was better, he went right back to where he belonged....back in the battlefield. He was eighteen when he became a great knight for King Kapachela. When he was twenty, he got married to a very beautiful woman. Her name was Meredith. Before too long she had a baby and they named him Deimos. She had another baby and they named him Phobos. They helped him do everything.

Meanwhile, Mars was thirty-one when he became king. He lived in a big castle and was a great king. Phobos and Deimos were great warriors, too. They became knights and helpers.

One day, Mars went to look out the window, and suddenly he saw an army coming from the west. They came to kill him. He called all the good warriors, even his two sons. They were in the kitchen eating and came running. Mars' army won. Mars had a big knife cut in the back of his leg. His wife, Meredith, put wraps on it. It bled for three days.

When Mars was one hundred and eighty-two, he was in a war and died. His two sons died, too. Meredith was so mad that she jumped off a rock ledge and died. That is how he became a war god.

Today they have named a planet after him, and the United States of America is sending a machine up to study it. It is called the Mars Global Surveyor. It will take pictures of it and map it. Soon, they say, we can live on Mars.