Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Ginny Dexter's class at Hydesville School

doing a bunch of the Live from Mars Activities

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Amanda's Rocket and Palyload Rocket and Payload Report of Investigation

Brad's Lander and Fragile Payload Brad showing his payload after safe landing

Johney Creating Craters See Activity 3.2 Live from Mars Teacher's Guide

Keeshia and Michael Measuring Distance Rocket Traveled Rocket Science 101, (simple balloon rockets), Live from Mars

Kenneth, Amanda and Jasmine Adding Payload to their Rocket - Rockets and Payloads, Activity 1.1.B Investigating the effect of payload on the amount of energy needed to lift a rocket vertically, Live from Mars

Maggie's Fragile Payload - The Incredible Egg Drop Challenge, Activity 3.1, Live from Mars

Matthew's Stream Table - Matthew and Jared demonstrating stream tables. Students compared this with surface of mars

Matthew's Stream Table Report

Johney's Cratering Results - Creating Craters, Live from Mars, Activity 3.2, Investigation of how mass, velocity and size of projectile affect an impact crater

Hydesville's Live from Mars Crew Pose for a Picture - Hydesville School, Mrs. Dexter's 5/6 Grade Science Class

Kalee- The Incredible Egg Drop Challenge - Live From Mars Activity 3.1

Kenneth's Incredible Egg Drop Challenge - Kenneth's lander worked and his fragile payload was intact!

Matthew's Probe that he drew

Michael's Solar System

Michel and Matthew build models for extra credit

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