Thank you so much for finding classes to review our late plans. The reviews were wonderful, and my students took their comments very seriously! I hope you can post our final plans on the www page. . Thank you - Cheryl Labbane

Form for entering Phase One Designs Weather Worlds Phase One - Plans for Designing for Data 1.

Teacher Name: Cheryl Labbane

2. Your E-mail address:

3. School Name: Jenks Southeast Elementary

4. City or Town: Jenks

5. State: OK

6. Country: USA

8. Grade Level Elem./4th grade

9. Number of students who worked on the plan: 24

10. Your plan:

Our class decided as a group to use the following instruments: thermomoter, hygrometer, barometer, anemometer, wind vane, and a rain gauge. We divided into groups and each group is going to tell about the instrument they are responsible for.

Please remember that the fourth graders are writing and typing this on their own!

Our first instrument is the hygrometer. It measures humidity. The way we work our instrument is we go outside in a high place.You have two thermometers,one is a dry bulb one is a wet bulb on a milk carton.You find out what is the celcius on each thermometer.Then you minus the dry bulb from the wet bulb and you have the humidity.That is our instrument!

We have the Barometer. It messures air pressure. We are studing air pressure outside in the morning and afternoon. Our instrument works like this: the air pressure pushes the water down in a jar and then it has nowhere to go so it goes up into a bottle. Yes, our weather condition happens on Mars because air pressure is everywhere. We want to measure it by using a long neck bottle and put it into a jar filled with colored water. We want to take our instruments in the morning and afternoon on the playground. A member will collect data and information. All of us will get the parts to make our instruments and we will get it at school and home. We will check our instruments by checking our school weather station.

Rain Gauge: Our instrument is the rain gauge. It measures the rain in the last 24 hour period. It collects rain in a 2 liter bottle. We could not use it on Mars because there is no rain. We would want to use our instrument outside, on a rainy day. One of our group members will collect the information and two other members will record the data. We will need, a yardstick, rubberbands, and a 2 liter plastic bottle. To check the accuracy, we will compare it to our Channel 2 weather station.

Wind Vane The wind vane measures wind direction. It tells the wind direction from where the wind is coming from to where the wind is going.Temperature,humidity and air pressure cause wind to occur. The condition we are studying is wind direction. Wind is on Mars because temperature, air pressure and humidity are all on Mars. We want the reading as accurate as possible. We want to take our reading where it is windy and there is no electricity. We will check our information on our school weather station to check our readings.

Our insturment is the anemometer. It measures the wind speed. You take a protractor, you tape it on the end of a ruler with the measuring side down.Put a ping pong ball on the end of a string on the 90 degrees point on the protracter. You let the wind blow the string and see how many degrees the string moved. We will then use a chart with given values to find the wind speed. We will measure wind speed in a place were movment is made by nature.

For the thermometer, we will use the one in our classroom. We will tape it to a meter stick, and put the meter stick outside in the shade.


11. How do you know that the cost of the materials to build all of your instruments will be under $100.00 (maximum words: 200)? We know our cost is under $100.00 because we are reusing materials we already have. We are not buying anything for our instruments.