1. Teacher Name: [Jodie Harnden]

2. Your E-mail address: [jodie_harnden@pendleton.k12.or.us]

3. School Name: [Sunridge Middle School]

4. City or Town: [Pendleton]

5. State: [Oregon]

6. Country: [USA]

7. Class Name (only needed if you are submitting other forms for other classes - i.e. 3rd period Science): [Period 7]

8. Grade Level

Choose one:

[ x ] b) Middle (Grades 6-8)

9. Number of students who worked on the plan: [5]

10. Your plan -

The First Instrument in our plan is a weather station. This weather station includes a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer mounted on a wooden panel. Weather Station #1 will give us readings for the temperature which we can check three times a day. Air pressure to be checked once a day. Humidity which we will check every other hour. The next item is another weather station. This weather station shows wind direction which we will check every thirty minuets. Wind velocity which will be checked at the same time as the wind direction is. Temperature will be checked three times a day. Long term rain in fall which can be checked daily. This station should also be checked once a day with the exception of the wind measurements which should be checked once or twice and hour. This is connected to the top r!ight of the first weather station. Weather Station #1 and Weather Station #2 were selected because you can get more instruments for a smaller price. D Our third item is a sling psychrometer. We will check this every other hour. It is connected to the side of Weather Station #1. This psychrometer is designed for easy student use with accurate readings. This is our second tool measuring humidity to ensure the accuracy. Our fourth item is a wind chill thermometer. We will check it three times a day. It's a circular thermometer which is connected to the bottom of Weather Station #1. This thermometer shows wind chill affects of 10 ,20, 30, and 40 mile per hour breezes. We chose this to check how the wind is affecting the temperature. Our final instrument, which is connected to the upper-left part of Weather Station #1, is a digital thermometer. A simple thermometer that reads air temperature. This being the third thermo!meter in our final project will help us get more accurate account of the temperature. Our readings will be taken at the 50 yard line of our football field. This will avoid being near buildings. We will also hold our instruments out arm length for our readings.

11. How do you know that the cost of the materials to build all of your instruments will be under $100.00 ?

We looked in a catalog named Science Kid & Boreal Laboratories. We found 5 instruments that interested us.We have a Weather Station containing a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer. Which was $32.95. We also got another Weather Station containing instruments to show wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, and long term rain fall at the price of $6.95. Our next item we found was a sling psychrometer at $7.50.We also got a wind chill thermometer for 33.95.With the remaining money we bought another thermomerter with was digital, the three Thermometer will give us a more accurate readings. It was $12.50. The total came to $93.85