1. Teacher Name: [Jodie Harnden]

2. Your E-mail address: [jodie_harnden@pendleton.k12.or.us]

3. School Name: [Sunridge Middle School]

4. City or Town: [Pendleton]

5. State: [Oregon]

6. Country: [USA]

7. Class Name (only needed if you are submitting other forms for other classes - i.e. 3rd period Science): [Period 6]

8. Grade Level

Choose one:

[ x ] b) Middle (Grades 6-8)

9. Number of students who worked on the plan: [4]

10. Your plan -

Our group of young scientists wil be using a six-way weather station that consists of a thermometer, a rain gauge, a weather vane, anemometer, wind chill chart, and a total rain gauge. We will also be using a weather balloon (it will measure wind speed, wind direction, and altitude of the clouds.), and a sling pschometer. We will use the barometer to measure air pressure. The sling psychrometer will be used to measure humidity, the rain gauge will measure daily rain fall, and the wind chil chart will, of course, measure wind chill. The weather balloon works kind of like a weather vane, except it also measures the height of the clouds and the speed of the wind. FinallyC the anemometer, part of the six-way weather staion, measures wind speed. This makes our balloon pretty p!ointless, but we wanted one anyway. We will measure each area of the weather 2 to 8 times a day. Also, to make sure our information is as accurate as possible, we will take our readings in the football field, because it is away from all buildings. The only one is to the east, and the hills to the north are about a half-mile away. Two people will take the ame measurements each time. We will take the measurements every hour of the school day. To test our thermometer we will submerge it in boiling water. It should read 212 degrees when we take it out. We will test the barometer and pscrometer against instruments that we know are accurate. We will also compare all of our readins with those of the weather station.

11. How do you know that the cost of the materials to build all of your instruments will be under $100.00 ?

We looked up all of our supplies in Ward's Geologic Catalog and the Acorn Naturalist. The six-way weather station was $5.95, the barometer was $20.00, the weather balloon was $16.50, and the psychrometer was $6.30.! The grand total, according to these prices, was $48.75. This amount is well below the limit and leaves enough money to replace malfunctioning or broken equipment. Or, if we find that we need something else, we should be able to afford it.