1. Teacher Name: Susan Hurstcalderone

2. Your E-mail address: calderone@sysnet.net --home

shurstca@blessed-sacrament.com -- school

3. School Name: Blessed Sacrament School

4. City or Town: Washington, DC

6. Country: USA

7. Class Name (only needed if you are submitting other forms for other classes - i.e. 3rd period Science): 8AB

8. Grade Level Choose one: Middle (Grades 6-8)

9. Number of students who worked on the plan: 26


Live from Mars 8 A/B Expert Team

11) We know that the materials we are buying/ borrowing or building will cost only $25.90 altogether, which is within our budget of $100.00. Our sources for which we found the prices of the weather tools (Sci-Quest Mini Kit Instrument pack is $20.50 and the Tru-check rain gauge is $ 5.40) is the Nasco Science 97' catalog, provided by our science instructor. It is not certain how well-constructed these already assembled instruments are but we will test them extensively before actually attempting to use them in the project. The weather instrument will probably be purchased through the mail order catalog or obtained from the science lab of our school, if possible. The Sci-Quest Mini Kit is multi-functional and contains many tools which will be needed.

10. To accurately study the weather on Earth, many instruments are required. However, the primary instruments needed to acquire general, basic data about the weather are an anemometer, barometer, hygrometer, thermometer, weather vane, and a rain gauge. The SciQuest Weather Mini Kit Instrument Pack provides all of these instruments except the rain gauge. A thermometer is essential because it shows the temperature of the air. A thermometer can be used to find and predict average temperatures, as well as to determine differences in temperature in different areas. The anemometer which is included in the Weather Mini Kit effectively measures wind speed. This instrument is important because it helps to analyze storm fronts and jet currents. The barometer measures air pressure within a sealed unit. A hygrometer supplements data regarding the humidity of the air, which is a factor that concerns all humans. The weather vane is a basic instrument which correlates with the anemometer because it determines wind direction. Precipitation will be accurately measured with a "Tru-Check" brand rain gauge. This gauge collects up to 6 inches of rainfall and weighs only 15 oz. It is a transparent device, all-plastic device which has a wedged shaped well on which an easy-to-read scale is embossed. This instrument will collect data which will provide average weekly, monthly, and yearly precipitation recordings for a certain area.