Live from Mars - WebChat

Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.


Here is an area to meet other people who share an interest in the Shuttle Team Online project. You are likely to encounter K-12 teachers, students, project developers or other folks here. You may also meet people from other projects.

This chat line is for talking about different K-12 Interactive Projects. So discussions about science, space, curriculum, K-12 Internet issues, etc., are all appropriate. Sexual talk and innuendo isn't allowed. If you find people behaving inappropriately, please encourage them to go away! We will also take steps to track down troublemakers and report their actions to the proper authorities. Although our chats take place in an open Internet environment, the chat area is routinely monitored.

Often you will find that nobody is online when you come to visit. One way to find company is to suggest a time when you will come back and invite others to join you at that time. In this manner, you may entice someone to meet you online.

To enter the chat room click on the link below.


Helpful Hints

Following are a few simple instructions that will make it easier to become familiar with Web chatting.

Entering your name and school name:

To See New Messages:

  • Hit the "Refresh Screen or Submit New Message" button.

  • Do NOT hit the "Reload" button to try and see new messages.


  • Chat Window: To send a message to the rest of the group, type it into the large white window.

  • "Refresh Screen or Submit New Message" Button: Once you have completed your message hit the "Refresh Screen or Submit New Message" to send your message out to the other participants.

To See Previous Messages:

  • "Scroll back" Box: To see previous messages enter the number of previous messages that you would like to see then hit the "Refresh Screen or Submit New Message" button.

  • "Show at least" Box: The number in this box represents the number of previous and new messages that will be shown when you refresh your screen. To show fewer messages enter a lower number and then hit the "Refresh Screen or Submit New Message" button.