Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Webchat: October 3, 1996

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:06AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Time check?

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:07AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Anyone lurking for LFM?

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:08AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I've been looking over the teachers guide and planning my
adjustments to making it suitable for K-2 level. It looks good, I'm
glad we'll be able to do the Weather thing again.

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:09AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gayle, Kathy (PSC) passed along a copy of your chat last
week. I am finally of today!! This is my first internet
experience on my own so I am quite thrilled to have the

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:11AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Please excuse my mistakes. I am learning as I go. I will
participating in LFM and am a PTK advocate (the other one in
B.C.). My schoolboard is cautiously enthusiastic and has
tentatively put a venue on hold for the LFM broadcasts.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:12AM PDT (-0800
Gayle, I would be interested to hear what adjustments that you
would make for K-2. I homeschool a first and second grader.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:12AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi I'm here. I'm going to back up and read what's going on

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:12AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How have you got a copy of the teacher's guide, Gayle? I thought
they weren't coming out until next week?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:14AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Holly, How cool that this is your first day online. What made
you get here?

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:15AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How are other people doing LFM? Do you think it is possible to
do bits and pieces over the course of the year without spending
your whole science curriculum on it? This is what I had hoped to

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:16AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Marc. I finally bought a computer with a bit more power last
weekend, then I purchased an internet account. I am presenting a
workshop on using CUSeeMe (HA!) mid-Oct. so it is fly or die

Gregg (Ohio): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:17AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Is anybody here? Is this the time for the LFM web chat?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:18AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
The latest word on Teacher's Guide is this. They go to the printers
on Monday. They'll begin shipping next Friday. We (the online
development team) are expecting text to be in our mailboxes today
(we thought last night actually. If that's the case, then the first full
text will begin appearing later today and will continue appearing
through the weekend. Expect by Monday that all of the first
section will be available online for perusal.

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:18AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Actually, I guess the workshop is more about LFM than
CUSeeMe but we had hoped to demo that software during the
workshop so teachers could do something exciting. We also hope
to provide activities from the teacher's guide.....hope. hope.
Kathy, at PSC will be working with me.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:21AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi there, I went to check my mail and will back read for a

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:21AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Wow! Great news about the teacher's guide, Marc. Welcome
on-line, Greg! Will the teacher's guide be available through the
Live From Mars home page?

Al Post,Burnaby,B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:22AM PDT (-0800
Hi Holly, I'm looking forward to being a part of this project.
How does one find out about these chats, or leave messages?
Should I leave my email address here? It's

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:22AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, how many districts/classes are involved in Ontario? Have
you heard of Marsville?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:22AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gregg, Gayle. Holly: just getting started today and teaching
CU-SeeMe in a few weeks. K-12 Ed needs more risk takers like
you. I'm curious if anybody has any ideas about this line of
reasoning. A lot of what makes CU-SeeMe so exciting is the live
interactions. You get the same effect with WebChat. CU-SeeMe
reuqires fancier hardware and internet skills. So it is hard for
some teachers to do it. WebChat requires reading and writing, not
just talking. Reading and writing are good skills to practice in
schools. And WebChat is easy to use (just web browser). So I
conclude that WebChat is better educationally then CU-SeeMe.
Anybody think differently?

Al Post,Burnaby,B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:23AM PDT (-0800
Holly, will you receive the teacher's guide and then mail it to me?
How will that work? And...what is this workshop you're talking
about? Can I attend?

Gregg (Ohio): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:23AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Will the same materials be available online as sending for teacher's

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:25AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Al! Glad you could make it. This is my first chat too. THe info
I faxed to you should have had the internet addresses in it. The
general discussion list is at  Send
your message there with the body reading subscribe discuss-lfm

Al Post,Burnaby,B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:25AM PDT (-0800
CU-SeeMe is a great program and it works well with the
QuickCam. However, I found that with my 14.4 modem, it was
rather unimpressive. Sound did not transfer, pictures were choppy
and so was any text that we sent. You would need a minimum of a
28.8 modem, ISDN or Fibre Optic would be ideal (but rather
unrealistic for most school districts around here).

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:27AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Don, I'm a homeschooler too, where are you from? I'll email the
bits as I get them done via the discuss-LFM. Are you on that list?
Marc: hi, good to hear from you about the guides that's great.
Holly, cool, nice to "meet" you. I'm trying to get something going
here in London, and now that I see the Toronto Marsville info on
the Discuss-LFM I want to connect with them and see about it.
THe schools here I'm involved with are one private and one
public school as well as the Homeschooling people who are

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:27AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
As far as I know the teacher's guide will be available on-line.

Al Post,Burnaby,B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:27AM PDT (-0800
Thanks for the info Holly, I'll try to subscribe to that list soon. 

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:27AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Holly, you asked: "Will the teacher's guide be available through
the Live From Mars home page?" Certainly yes. Currently the
table of contents is available in the TEacher's Lounge
( By Monday, parts of
the text will be vailable in a rough format. Our goal is that within a
few weeks, the entire guide will be available in Adobe Acrobat for
downloading. This format will let you print it and preserve all of
the graphics from the original hardcopy

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:29AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
So Greg, to reinforce, yes the TG will be fully online

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:29AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Do I need anything special to download the Adobe Acrobat
teacher's guide?

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:31AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Al, the workshop I am giving in October will be through the
Horizon's conference. Wait and see if the district will pull through
to give interested teachers a workshop day . It sounded as though
they might. 

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:32AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Al wondered about these chats. We have weekly chats on
Thursdays at either noon or 3:00pm. It alternates. And other folks
are free to use this area for their own sub-interest groups. FOr
example, if the BC LFM folks wanted to conduct an online chat
every Wed at 1:00pm, cool. All if Gayle wanted to hostess a
homeschooler session every XXX, that's great. In general, people
who leave question on the chatline don't receiev answers. Nobody
I know regularly goes through all of the old listings and
systematically updates things.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:32AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I'm trying to juggle right now so I've yet to get more details on
the Marsvill thing. But from speaking to the schools here in
London, they are doing bits an pieces throughout the year. I'm
trying to coordinate a facility right now, the Childrens Museum
has offered a location but that would me getting a video store to
donate the use of the Dish etc. I'm still working on the joint
venture thing. Marc, I will be in Washington DC for a conference
November 24-25-26, and plan to discuss it there to many

Al Post,Burnaby,B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:32AM PDT (-0800
I have to leave now, but I just want to say what a wonderful
opportunity this "chat" service is. I've frantically written down a
few "addresses" that have been floated about during the chat and I
will visit them later this evening. You've all already given me
some ideas...thank you. I'm very excited about this project and
look forward to our next "chat". Once email I will try to subscribe to the listserv that
was mentioned earlier. Bye for now. -Al

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:33AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Holly, the Adobe Acrobat reader is free to download. When we
get to that point in the project, there will be a pointer from our
pages. But I think\ the URL is

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:35AM PDT (-0800
Gayle, I am from the Dallas (TX) area. As to if I am on the list... I
receive discuss-LFM email daily, so I guess I am. Just in case I
am not my address is

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:35AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
By Al. Was it you that said CU-SeeMe is cool at 28.8, but stinks
at 14.4Kbps. I'm still really interested to use more of WebChat
and less of CU-SeeMe with students because I think it is better
educationally for the reasosn I mentioned. But surely in LFM, we
will offer both options for connecting kids to NASA experts

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:35AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Of course I meant "it would mean me getting a satelite dish
purveyor to donate the use of..."

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:36AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, Sheila Rhodes at the Ontario Science Centre (Toronto?) is
heavily involved in Marsville. She organizes the cross-Canada
link-ups each year.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:37AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Don, do you receive occasional updates-lfm messages. These
have a subject of which starts "LFM #2:". So far,there's only
been three messages and the last was a week ago. If not, you
really should subscribe there by sending email to
; in the message body, write
subscribe updates-lfm

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:37AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, I agree with your reasoning on web-chat vs.
CUSeeMe...but the idea of watching the person you are e-mailing
is pretty darn cool.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:38AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc I agree with you that the webchats are better, but some
would say that IRC are better still. I have a problem with the
IRC's but perhaps POWWOW would be an idea if expanding is
something people are interested in. I'm not up to speed on the
CUSeeMe stuff, I want to but that would mean getting a more
expensive set up and I can't do that right now.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:38AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle: Col news about the DC conference. Did you tell Jan?
Please say more about the conference and what you'll be doing

Gregg (Ohio): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:38AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Will I need special software to read the Adobe Acrobat Teacher's

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:38AM PDT (-0800
Marc, Yes I do.

Jim Banjo: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:38AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Are any of you designing hands-on, modeling activities? I teach
alternative ed teens and the more activities we can start each class
with, the better able the kids are to concentrate on the reading and
writing portions.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:39AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Has anyone here had any experience with PowWow?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:39AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle: what is POWWOW. I never heard of it.

Gregg (Ohio): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:40AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I guess I should just wait and someone will ask and/or answer my
question before I ask it.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:40AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Jim, The TEacher's Guide is filled with hands-on activities.
Stream tables, simulating a the MGS altimeter, other things. WHat
grade are your kids?

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:41AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I would love to facilitate/host a Wednesday 2pm
(Eastern)Homeschoolers Chat here for the programs. THat would
be neat.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:41AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gregg, No fair waiting. Speak up loadly. And if you asked a
question that people are ignoring, ask it again since things are
chaotic and soetimes ideas slip away in this WebChat medium too

Jim Banjo: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:42AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Mark, my students are 9-12, although many have lower basic
skills. Is the Teacher's Guide you refer to the one that will be on
this web site?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:42AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle: If you give me atime and commit to being here for it, I'll
make sure it goes on the WebChat page so that all will know about
it. Is Wed 2PM the best time for you?

Holly in B.C.: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:43AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
THank you all for the great chat! I can see many great
opportunities for using htis with my kids. I look forward to
chatting again but right now I must go. My 11 month old son has
been loudly demanding lunch and has now disappeared into his
bedroom to destroy as much as possible. Gotta go!!

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:44AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Jim, Yes, the TG is one and the same. It is written for middle
schoolers, but there are suppposedly hints to help teachers bring it
up or down, depending on thier kids. Also, are you the one (I'm
not sure the politically correct term) with the rough inner city kids?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:44AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bye Holly. Save the bedroom!

Jim Banjo: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:47AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
No, I don't have rough, inner city kids. I have crude, rude kids
who think they are rough. They actually enjoy the projects I've
tried so far and appreciate a teacher who cares enough to set up
more than text book lessons. However I wonder if the Mars
Mission via TV and internet might be too abstract and far away to
be relevant to kids who are already working and caring for
children. Thus my query about hands on lessons.

Gregg (Ohio): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:48AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I'm going to show a student that is looking over my shoulder
some of the other areas on the LFM home page. It was great
talking to all of you.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:49AM PDT (-0800
As far as a homeschool chat goes, Wednesday at 2pm (easter)
sounds good to me, too.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:50AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Jim, its great that you are going teh extra step with them. Would
they be interested to connect with the experts either chat or send
email. Perhaps about what they observed in hands-on lessons.
Certainly they could get a sense that NASA folks care about them

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:50AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
PowWow isPowWow is a unique Internet program for Windows
that allows up to seven people to chat, send and receive files, and
cruise the World Wide Web together as a group. In some cases
I've heard from others that it is unlimited and anyone can buzz
you if you're on or not on your computer to "call" you for a

Jim Banjo: . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:51AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, thanks for the intro to the Teacher's Guide. Perhaps we'll
meet at the next chat. 'Bye.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:51AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bye Gregg

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:53AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Yes, Marc I'll committ to that Every Wednesday from 2-3pm

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:54AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Jim, what about the Planet Explorer Toolkit activity. I wonder if
you think it is too abstract. Kids essentially have to decide what
local instruments (themometers, ph testers, cameras, etc) they'd
put in a shoebox to measure their local environemnt. They then
debate the topic with other schools and after coming to consensus,
they get the tools and make measurements. THen share results. It
certainly is a bit abstract. I'm just trying to understand (from the
persective of a non-teacher) where you draw the line (I know the
line is gray and keeps moving).

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:54AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
bye Holly, bye Gregg, Hi Jim! what a busy place.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:54AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, that's great. I'll get it online.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:56AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
PowWow would be perfect for groups of kids from different
cities to get together on the Internet to chat while using the
webpages perhaps for some of the activities or for combined
projects. It has a lot of potential, there's a bunch of sites search
Magelan for "PowWow".

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 12:59AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
No I've not told Jan about the DC conf. yet. It's an educational
conference which will touch on many areas of improving the
quality of education in the US and Canada. So I'll be able to
connect with many Professional Curriculum Experts and
Professors of Education from 3-4 countries so far as I'm aware.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:01PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle: Cool news about Powwow. I'll try to look into it. Do you
want your wed chats to be just for LFM or also for SMORE?
Also, shall I use your last name online (What is it?) And please
confirm that you are from London, Ontario, Canada

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:01PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Well, I'd better be going, I have 18 people coming for supper
tonight, I'm hosting a Pre-Thanksgiving (ours is next weekend)
Pot Luck supper. I keep trying to tell myself that they're coming
to see each other, not my house.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:03PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Yes, the chats could be open for all programs, I'd love to chat to
hs'ers doing any of them and also some of them who are doing
one might not be familiar with the others so it would be a good
way to outreach. Yes you can use my last name, it is Remisch,
and most definitely I'm from London, ONtario, Canada, eh!

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:07PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, good bye. CHeck online later to see your event featured.
HAppy Thanksgiving! I'll be going shortly too.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:08PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, Gayle, please email me about when the h/s chat will start.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:10PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hey Marc want to have a hoot with some of your favorite sites?
Canadianize them by going to: and putting in let's
say into the text box and click on
Hurl that URL and see what happens!

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:11PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Wow did I miss you are you gone, sorry it took me so long to
type that last one in. 

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:12PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
bye Marc, come back and give that Canadianizer thing a try, it's
pretty cool. It's one of those, "how'd they do that" things.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:13PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Don, I'll start next week if that's OK with you, I'll have to post it
to the homeschooling lists and see who shows up. talk to you
later... bye for now... moi

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:14PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gayle, I'm still here, but I got a call. So I will be leaving now.
I'll check out the URL you last thing. What is the
brief history of Canadian Thanksgiving. Being an ugly american,
I didn't realize Canada even celebrated the holiday

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:14PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, since you are still here. I have a question. Do you have any
idea how many h/s'ers are involved with LFM?

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:17PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
and Marc, since you are still here. I have been hearing about the
Red Rover project (or at least the funding attempts) and was
wondering what all is involved with it. For some reason I missed
out on the explanation of it. Perhaps it was mentioned at the

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:21PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
On the other hand, I've tried it with the mars site 3 times now and
it hasn't worked, maybe it's just overloaded. bye again.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:23PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Don, there's a sit about it. I'll try and find it for you. my E-mail is And Marc I have no idea why
Canadians Celebrate it I'm just a Limey don't you know!! But
Now you've got me wondering, I'll just have to find out.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:24PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Don, Last licks. Red Rover is a project that involves remotely
driving a robot at another site (over the Internet I think). I'm
actually not too familiar with all of the details. There should be a
link on the LFM pages to Red ROver, but there's not. I suggest
looking up old discuss-lfm postings to find this contact info. Old
discuss-lfm stuff is available via
http://quest/lfm/discuss-lfm-lwgate.html. I've gotta go now. I'll
be back at 3:00 Pacific for S/MORE chat

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Thu, Oct 3, 1:25PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks all... Bye.