Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.


Hi, We are PET scientists and invite you to find where we are! We are exploring a site in our neighborhood and you can find us by following the clues that we have collected. Email us if you need more hints at:

This is what our environment looks like. A big hint for those of you trying to find us is that this picture would look pretty similar all year long, green like this after our heavy spring and dry by September.

This is a common tree of our environment. We are standing next to it to give you a size comparison. This is a very young tree. These trees can live a couple thousand years!

This is a very common water fowl of our area. We see them flying around all the time. They love it here!

This is the pond we investigated. The plants and animals around it and in it. We have LOTS of ponds in our area, so you know we must have lots of rain!