Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Submitting Class or Individual
BEST Planet Explorer Toolkit Proposal

Each class or participant will be posting their proposal to the debate-lfm forum (sent to following the format below.

Be sure you have subscribed to the debate-lfm mail list -- send a message to Leave the subject blank. In the message body, write: subscribe debate-lfm. Send your message and you will be added to the debate-lfm list.

All participating classes are encouraged to download and share each P.E.T. posted, weigh the merits of the proposals, and prepare for the online debate coming up in January of 1997. Keep in mind that over 2,000 students in a *wide range* of grade levels (elementary students through high school students) are involved. We are sure to see a wide range of ideas and various levels of sophistication, but remember we are working as ONE big team to reach CONSENSUS on a UNIVERSAL BEST P.E.T., therefore ALL proposals are valued and respected.

REMEMBER...your P.E.T. Proposals should abide by the guidelines set forth in the P.E.T. Procedure overview found online at the Live From Mars web site.

To facilitate the process of posting P.E.T. proposals.... we will be using the following P.E.T. Proposal form. Please be sure to fill in all details *before* posting. If several classes from the same school/location are participating, be sure to distinguish them by a **special name, class period or hour, etc.** so that their proposal remains uniquely identifiable. All participants are asked NOT to comment on each other's proposals UNTIL the DEBATE begins January 6th. Further details about the debate and consensus reaching process will be posted to the discuss-lfm forum and the debate-lfm forum. If you have questions, please post them to the discuss-lfm list or send to my attention directly at


(12/10/96-12/20/96 Posting Period)

Name of Sponsoring Teacher/Educator:
School Name (if applicable):
Grade Level:
Special Group Name (if needed):
Number of Students Participating:

Our P.E.T. Proposal includes the following instruments/items: