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ANSWERS from Participants:

" the Greek letter is Delta the Fourth letter in Greek Alphabet
which is similar to the " D" in English but it is written in Greek like
a small triangle , well its relation to Nasa's launches to Mars is that
the rocket which will carry all Mars missions is Called also Delta ,
this 121 feet high rocket , consists of 3 stages and it is the new
edition of the military missile called Thor . And it was chosen by Nasa
because it holds best safety record for all unmanned-payload rockets .
As Souyz Launching rocket holds the best record for manned-payload
launch .
         And it is also used  in getting to Mars because its third
stage give the spacecraft a boost in a path which ends near Mars ,
then the spacecraft is separated and by its small engine and
thrusters it makes some correction maneuvers to make its path
ends exactly at Mars , then many small maneuvers are done to
make the spacecraft ready to land at its desired landing area
 as the Global surveyor landers don't go into orbits
as their interplantery path ends at the upper layeres of Mars
Atmosphere so they have to be near their landing site so just to
descent and land ]  this is done to prevent the
third stage from crashing on Mars , and polluting it !
[Planetary red-tape that's it !! ]


The letter that is important is Delta.  Both the Mars Global Surveyor and
the Mars Pathfinder were launched to Mars on a Delta 2 Rocket.

Answered by,
Stephanie Wong

"Linda Lund"
The 8th Grade Class of Love Christian Academy 13 and 14 year olds

The greek Letter is delta.  Both the Surveyor and Pathfinder probes
traveled on a Delta Rocket.

From: Robert Gillmor

Answer: Delta

DeltaV 10 is the force required to leave the gravity
well that is the Earth



The greek letter is gamma, because of the solar flares that the sun
has been having.  This causes a higher radiation than normal,
especially increasing the gamma rays, that interfere with the
electronic equipment both on Earth and on the probe to Mars.

                                 Thank you,



I figure that the greek letter is alpha,  cause of it being the first.
This mission is the first of its kind, to go to Mars, for the
USA to be FIRST.

                                     Thank you,

                                     Patricia Alvarado

Provo Dixon Middle School Mesa Class

The Greek letter used in launching the missions and helping to get
there would be the Greek letter " Delta".

The name of the rocket used in launching is Delta and then the
formula " Delta V" is used to correct the speed and/or direction of
the missions going to Mars.  Delta is the algebraic term meaning