Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

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>>>>>>>>>>Week #5 Challenge Question RESULTS <<<<<<<<<<

Thabet Peter Al Fishawi  Cairo, Egypt
"Blackwell, Alex," Honolulu, Hawaii
Linda Mitchell  7th Grade Homeschooler, Kansas
Dave Grott  Millbrook Elementary, Alden, NY
Blessed Sacrament School -- Robert and Chris -- Washington, DC
Charlotte Stevens  --8th grade Class
        from Alpharetta, GA.


All six answers submitted were accurate, although some give more
specific details.  The answers were so close and so few in number
that all names were entered in a prize drawing: Two winners were
drawn... they are:

Linda Mitchell -- homeschooler Lee Mitchell, Kansas


Charlotte Stevens, 8th graders:
        John Haley, but comes from Alison, Lori, Paul
                B., Joe M., James F., and Ashish



Thabet Peter Al Fishawi 

About Question #5,  Angeline Stickney (1830-1892) was the  wife
of Asaph Hall who discovered Mars moons. She was  known for her
persistent encouragement to her husband as he strove to and eventually
succeeded in the discovery of the satellites of Mars [ Phobos ] and so
he called the biggest crater on Phobos after her name so as to show his
gratitude to his wife.

                                                Thabet Al Fishawi

"Blackwell, Alex" 
Sender: "Blackwell, Alex" 
Organization: City and County of Honolulu


     Stickney was the maiden name of the wife of Asaph Hall, the
     astronomer who discovered the Martian moon Phobos in 1877.  The
     significance of the name of the most prominent crater on Phobos
     lies in the fact that Mrs. Hall urged her husband to continue his
     search for Martian moons when he was at the point of giving up.

                                             Alex R. Blackwell
                                             Honolulu, Hawaii

Linda Mitchell 

The Martian moons were discovered by Asaph
Hall. He would look every night, in 1877, in his
telescope for something in space near Mars. He
wasn't having any luck and was giving up. His
wife, Angelina Stickney, encouraged him to look
one more night. The next night, he discovered
the moons, Phobos and Deimos. Stickney is named
in honor of his wife, because she told him not
to give up.

Lee Mitchell
7th grade
Prairie Wind Christian Homeschool

Organization: Blessed Sacrament School
Subject: Challenge Question #5

Challenge Question #5

Angeline Stickney(1830-1892), the wife of Asaph Hall, known for
her persistent encouragement of her husband as he strove toward and
eventually succeeded in the discovery of Mars' moons. Asaph, to thank
his wife, named the largest crater on Phobos after her.

Robert Cooper(14), Chris Donohue(14)
Blessed Sacrament School

Dave Grott 
Subject: Re: Challenge Question Stickney
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 20:33:59 -0500

Ms. Stickney was the wife of Asaph Hall.  Asaph was an astronomer at the
Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.  He was looking to see if Mars had
any moons. He failed to see anything even though he looked over a long
series of nights. He wanted to quit and give up because he was so
discouraged but his wife kept encouraging him.  When he discovered the
moons he named the crater in her honor because she kept encouraging him
and would not let him give up his dream.

Mr.Grott's Class
Millbrook, New York


Charlotte Stevens 
Subject: Re: Challenge Question Week#5

This answer is written by John Haley, but comes from Alison, Lori, Paul
B., Joe M., James F., and Ashish -

        Mrs. Stickney's real name is Angela Hall Stickney.  Her critical
role in the discovery was persuading her husband to keep searching for the
moons.  When her husband did find the moons he named the crater after her
for her encouragement, because she didn't let him quit.