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>>>>>>>>>>Week #2 Challenge Question RESULTS <<<<<<<<<<

Congratulations to the following participants who gave the BEST

      * 7th Grader, Bobby McDonald CDS Student
      * Andrea, Dustin, Jessi, Andrew, and  Nick in Mrs. Robert's class
        Blessed Sacrament Students: Alex, Andrew. Jonathon, John
        Lori Darter's 2nd Grade Class
        Marilyn Kennedy's 4th Grade Class
        Andrea, Dustin, Jessi, Andrew, and  Nick in Mrs. Robert's class

* Chosen as this week's winners

Thanks to the following classes/individuals for participating in the
Challenge Question for Week #2:

        Susan Hurstcalderone's Class, Washington, DC  Blessed Sacrament
        Dave Grott's Class, Millbrook, NY  Alden Place Elementary
        Jo Lynne Robert's Class, Camas, Washington  Zellerbach Elementary
        Mrs. Bergeron's class   Owasso, OK, Owasso Mills Elementary
        Mrs. Wall's fourth grade class  Bridgewater, Virginia John Wayland
        JUDY <103114.2001@CompuServe.COM>  CDS

Your answers were very well-thought out!
Answers submitted:

From:  Tue Oct 29 06:49:37 1996

Organization: Blessed Sacrament
Subject: Challenge Question #2
Susan Hurstcalderone's Class

If you stood at the rim of Valles Marinares it would not look as
impressive as the Grand Canyon.  For one thing, the walls of the Grand
Canyon go straight down whereas, Marinares' walls slope toward the
center, making it look more like a huge valley than a canyon.

Jodi Paci, Jackie Muller, Robert Cooper, and Chris Donohue

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 11:04:38 -0500

Organization: Blessed Sacrament
Subject: challenge question 2
Susan Hurstcalderone's Class

The Valles Marineris wouldn't seem as impressive to the eye as the
Grand Canyon, because, although it is much smaller, the Grand Canyon
still covers the whole field of view of the naked eye. Someone cannot
see the entire Valles Marineris by standing at the edge, so they would
seem to be the same size.  If one was in a plane thousands of feet
above the surface of each planet, the size difference could clearly be
seen, but at surface level, visibility is limited and in both cases
all that could be seen is canyon in all directions, so they would both
seem very similar.

Alex Borosage, Andrew Latimer, Jonathon Moss, and John

From:  Dave Grott 
Subject: CHALLENGE QUESTION #2 - Mr.Grott's Class
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 19:19:48 -0500

We think the Grand Canyon would be more impressive because the layers in
the Grand Canyon vary in thickness and shading due to the Grand Canyon
being made of Sedimentary Rock.  The striations show multiple
compositions. The atmosphere and hydrosphere of Earth would also affect
how we see things and these are much less on Mars.

The Canyon on Mars appears to be one color, composed of a single material.
Due to the uniformity we conclude it was not made in the same manner as
the Grand Canyon and not as impressive looking!


From:  Lori A. Darter" 
Subject: Challenge 2
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 8:35:39 EST

Valles Marineris is 3000 miles long and in some places over 400
miles wide.  It is 10 times the size of the Grand Canyon.  It
would not appear as deep because it is spread out farther than
the Grand Canyon and there is nothing to establish elevation

Mrs. Darter's Second Grade Class, Rustburg, Virginia


From:  Jo Lynne Roberts 
Subject: Challenge Question Two

Our class worked up several replies.  They are listed below.  Thanks for
doing this is both teaching us about Mars and challenging us
to think!

The reason that the Valles Marinaris isn't as impressive to the eye as the
Grand Canyon is because the way the light hits the colors of the canyons
makes them more interesting.
from Ashley, kevin, Laura, Mindy, Bharath

The Valles Marineris doesn't look very impressive to the eye because it it
too far across and you can't see all of it.  You can see the bottom if it
is sloped, like a crater hit the area.  but usually you can't see it
because it is too far down.
from Andrea, Dustin, jessi, Andrew, Nick

The Valles Mareris would not seem as appealing to the eye because there is
not shrubbery to add life to it.  There is also are not colorful layers of
dirt on the sides of the valley.  There is no movement, except the moving
dust.  There are also no humans to add more life.  There are no animals
and no water. You can't tell the depth because all the colors blend
together. So, we have decided that the Valles Marineris would not be as
appealing, based on these reasons.
from Ilea, Siara, Jordon, David

The reason why it seems that the Valley Marineris is smaller when it is
actually much bigger is that there are no shrubs or wildlife down at the
bottom.  When you see things down at the bottom then you think it's a
longer way down.  Another reason is that there are a lot of ledges.  if
you looked down it would look smaller.  The ledges would distract your eye
so you could not look all the way down.
from David, Marci,Scotty,Elizabeth and Emily

The reason the Valles Marineris looks less impressive to the eye has many
factors included in it.  the Grand Canyon has different bright layers of
soil with the Colorado River winding through it, while the Valles
Marineris is a dull red.  Another thing is the lighting.  An object closer
to a light source is brighter and easier to see, which makes it more
soothing to the eye.  Also, the Grand Canyon has a blue sky contrasting
against it, while Mars, does not.

Jo Lynne Roberts
Sixth Grade
Zellerbach Elementary
Camas, Washington...the state!


OMills@Busprod.Com (Owasso Mills Elementary School)
Subject: challenge question
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 14:39:35 -0600

        My class came up with two possible answers.  We are sending both
to you since we could not come to an agreement.

        The canyon on Mars is much larger then ours but since the gravity
is less on Mars it wouldn't be that exciting cause if you fell in Mars'
Grand canyon you could flap your arms and you would probably fly back up.

        I think the reason it wouldn't seem as impressive to the eye is
because if you compare it to the Grand Canyon in Arizona there is really
nothing to compare it to.  What I mean is, look at the Grand Canyon on
Earth.  That Grand Canyon has plants (tiny plants) and a tourist building.
The one on Mars doesn't have anything to compare it to except dirt, sand,
and rocks.

Mrs. Bergeron's class
Owasso, OK, USA


From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Challenge Question 2


It's a matter of perspective !  When  looking at the Grand Canyon,
though it is very large, you can still have a "perspective" and see it as
"being a part of the picture." You are able to step back and view it in
relationship to other things around it.

Because Valles Marineris  stretches almost around a quarter of the planet
Mars, a person standing in the Valley or even on its edge would find it
difficult to put it in perspective. Because it is so huge,  you can not
stand back and put it in perspective. Everywhere you look, all you would
see is Mariner Valley.  When standing in this Valley, there would be no
reference points or comparing points  because the only images your eye
would see is Mariner Valley. The only way to get a perspective is to back
out into space and view it from above.

It's like a ship in the middle of the ocean with only water and the
horizon in view. You have no idea how far you are from land because there
are no reference points. Take a boat and put it in a river or a small lake
where you can see the shore line, you can look and compare and estimate
how far you are from land.

Mrs. Wall's fourth grade class
John Wayland Elementary
Bridgewater, VA


From:  JUDY <103114.2001@CompuServe.COM>


We came up with 2 good answers from 2 different students.

>From Jordan Firth - a seventh grade student at CDS
Since the atmosphere is thinner our eyes would not magnify the image as
much. The bottom of the canyon is about 4 miles deep and the frequent dust
storms would prevent visibility.  These two factors would greatly decrease
the impressive view of the canyon.

Bobby McDonald - 7th grade CDS student
Since the diameter of Mars is about half of the Earth and the canyon is
approximately 3,000 miles wide, the curvature of the planet would not
allow you to see the entire canyon.

These are student generated ideas only typed by the teacher!