form for crater experiment

From: Diane Smith <>
Subject: form for crater experiment
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 11:52:12 -0800

My Live from Mars homeschooler's class did this experiment but I had help
from a retired scientist who helped to keep the boys on track and doing the
math. He made a track out of wood (triangle) for the spheres to roll down
and used different sized spheres. Each one had to be weighed first. The
craters(box of flour with orange tempera dry paint) had to be measured. I
still don't understand the math but the boys seemed, too, at least the 6
and 7 graders.

We used the teacher's manual from Live From Mars.

Another one the scientist did was drop different sized spheres into a tub
of margarine. Different weights went different depths into the margarine
(until it got too warm, he,he) and made different width craters. The
younger kids loved this one.

Diane Smith
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