Re: How to display attachements

From: "Mike Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: How to display attachements
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 97 11:56:22 -0500

     Try clicking on the attachment first.  If that doesn't work try=20=
=0A     clicking on it while holding the shift key down.  If that doesn=
't work=20
     try saving the attachment by clicking on the attachment and then u=
     file try saving the document.  Then try to open the attachment whi=
     using your word processing program or spreadsheet program.  If tha=
     doesn't work it probably means that you don't have the correct typ=
e of=20
     program on your computer to open that file.  Good luck.

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Subject: How to display attachements
Author:  <> at CEC-INTERNET
Date:    9/26/97 7:43 AM

Dear friends in love with Science =A1
         Could anyone, please, explain how to display on the screen the=
"attachements" that some time are received in e-mail messages ?
         With my thanks I wish you all a happy Chistmas time an a=20
prosperous new year.
                                      - Pedro -