Re: DISCUSS-LFM digest 31

From: (Jo Dodds)
Subject: Re: DISCUSS-LFM digest 31
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 20:05:21 -0700 (MST)

Geoff, it is hard on email to 'read or understand' people's intent with
their words.  I have been on email for so long that I take it for granted
sometimes.  When I get so excited to share with teachers in my district
(now that we have district email) I have been temporarily offended when
someone attacks my good intentions.  So, for the lady who feels like LFM is
an albatross, she is the one who needs this more than
most....unfortunately, she just doesn't realize it yet.  I am one who
appreciates the discussion, tho' I rarely get on  to talk to everyone at
once.  I love teaching ninth grade earth science and the opportunities we
all have on the Internet.  Thanks for a job well done.  Happy New Year to
all of you at LFM.  Jo Dodds

>We are sorry you feel that this free service to teachers from NASA and the
>PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE project, bringing you the latest news about Mars
>exploration, is an "albatross".
>The first e-mail message you received back when you subscribed provided
>information about how to subscribe and unsubscribe to this and other
>lists... and only the subscriber can make that change. But it is as easy to
>depart as it was to subscribe:
>Just send e-mail to:
>And in the mesage body write only:
>unsubscribe <listname>
>where <listname> is the exact name of the list, e.g. discuss-lfm, or whatever.
>Season's greetings, and hope you find no albatrosses in the rainforest...
>the subject of next spring's "electronic field trip" from PASSPORT TO
>KNOWLEDGE. (To find out the latest, send e-mail to the same address, but
>type <subscribe updates-lfrf>)
>Good luck...
>At 07:48 AM 12/23/97 EST, you wrote:
>>Dear Barb,
>>Me too!  I've tried to get off this list but it's like an albatros!  If you
>>find out how, let me know please.
>>                          Carol
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