Re: Finding a pace for all students

From: Eve Katuna <>
Subject: Re: Finding a pace for all students
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:56:46 -0500

Within each class that I teach, I have always found that there are those
who are extremely self-motivated and wish to go forth. I do not impede
their quest for knowledge, but instead have found it very helpful to have a
tremendous resource of information and activities to challenge and to allow
these students to go on.
I am typing farther quickly and so if I make an error I simply ask for your
understanding. I think that it is the teacher's responsibility to allow
each and every child to learn at whatever level they are on.I have college
level science textbooks, a resource of college faculty members who will
readily answer one of my student's questions. I refuse to smother
creativity in any child; it is my job to stimulate learning. Science must
be understood for it to be applied. Sheer memorization by any child is
short-term learning- in one ear and out the other. If they understand they
apply. Those that are more intelligent and self-motivated seek more
challenging activities and higher order thinking skills. This is where I
think that the fun is to see a mind understand and to apply and to then
seek out new and additional scientific information. I personally watch out
for these students are they should never be pushed along the wayside, but
instead they should be encouraged in a positive and encouraging way to go

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