Re: Re: Topics for discussion

From: Daddio123 <>
Subject: Re: Re: Topics for discussion
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 21:12:48 EST

As a high school physics teacher, I might have some input which you could use.
At your son's age it is important to get him used to the idea that the numbers
represent the reality of what we observe.  So introduce the ideas of data
collection and manipulation as a function of the natural phenomena that they
represent.  Don't make the mistake of turning it into a drudgery of
mathematical torture.  The way you made it sound, his attitude seems to
indicate this may have already been done.  Also, no complex instruments are
necessary to teach the basic sciences.  Microscopes and such are fine but not
needed to get him to appreciate the complexity of structures in our world.
One of the most important lessons is to show him the interrelatedness of all
the sciences. Just my thoughts.  Hope it is useful in some way to you.   Gary