Finding a pace for all students

From: Stephanie Wong <>
Subject: Finding a pace for all students
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:45:57 -0700 (MST)

I wouldn't mind if my class had no different activities, as long as the
material was taught quicker.  For example, in science, there are 6 units to
cover.  We have just finished unit 1.  How are we ever going to finish?  I
know that there are some people still struggling at the pace that we are on,
but some are just simply bored with what we're doing.  And this comes to the
point about special classes, regular and honors.  It does produce a solution
to the problem, but I don't like the fact of dividing the students into
regular and advanced. 

Not many honor students wish to do extra work.  All they want is to learn
things more quickly without all the review.  Just because you're an honor
student doesn't mean you have to study all day.  I know someone who is one
of the smartest people at school, and she is not in the Academic Challenge
Program at our junior high school.  Her reason for not joining is that you
have to do more work.  In this program, you have to do a big presentation on
a topic you've independently studied, but you still have to take the same
old regular classes (no honors class here).  The problem is still not
solved.  You could just very well read about a favorite subject at home
without doing all the work!

Honors programs, which are offered in high school, are not favored by some
because what universities look at is the final mark, not whether you're in a
special program or not.  Some do not want to risk getting a lower mark.

What do you think is better: many little assignments or a few large
assignments?  lots of group work or more independent work?

Work habits of the students should be put into consideration.  Not only the
poor students leave things till the last minute.  I prefer small assignments
and independent work.