Re: Topics for discussion

From: Louise Donahue <>
Subject: Re: Topics for discussion
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:57:40 +0100

I am interested in all three topics that you listed.  As a home school
mother who has a bachelor's in music/English, and Masters in Ed (Music),
I am new to teaching science.  Since that is one of my son's favorite
subjects, and I can't find a tutor for him, I would like to get ideas
for teaching science. (Grade 5/6, "higher level thinking")  What do the
experts do? Technical writings?  How much graph work? How much in the
line of "experiments"?  Does this age group generally have access to a
high powered microscope?  telescope?  ideas for astonomy, palentology,
aerodynamics?  I could use a lot of ideas.  (We do Science by Mail with
a small science club, JASON--when they get their curriculum ready for
this year, a 5th grade Silver-Burdett text, plus a lot of supplements.
Have done AMES 1st project in grade 5-and-up book (last year).  He's not
real crazy about the record keeping or writing.  Of course, I know
that's important.  How much do you folks recommend in that department? 
He does very well with whatever the task is.  L. Donahue
Stephanie Wong wrote:
> Let's start the actual discussing in this list.  What would you like to talk
> about?
> Topics for Discussion
> ----------------------
> -curriculum
> -Quest projects
> -teaching techniques
> -etc., etc., etc.