From: Louise Donahue <>
Subject: Re: NASA QUEST
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 12:44:52 +0100

Hi,Sheila.  Thanks for your message. 
	 Reagarding curriculum:  We use a variety of things and grade levels
(5-8) plus lots of supplemental things for enriched math (he does grade
7, but we "play" with grade 5-7), science (main text is
Silver-Burdett-Ginn new series grade 5, science by mail, JASON,
Discovery, watches surgery on TV, National Geographic, anything he can
get his hands on--has attended numerous camps in palentology, computers,
aeronautics), history/geography (Grade 6, History Channel, Biography,
lots of supplements--this is another "love" of his--cultures,
anthropology, geology--we have maps everywhere!), language (grade 5--he
dislikes this subject intensly, but does well with it.  Would like to
find a more interesting approach then his text.  We do have supplements
like Wordly Wise, Vocabulary building, Editor-in-Chief--writing and
being able to express himself has been a little "painful", but he does
well with any assignment), reading (6th grade, supplements in vocabulary
& usage & comprehension--also finishing Hooked on Phonics SRA power
reading--He wanted this course at age 4--saw it on TV--we began using it
in 1st grade, was extremely frustrated in 1st grade at the "baby books"
he was expected to read--just shut down--so teachers thought he didn't
know how to read, and kept giving him even more remedial books--it was a
nightmare!), Art and music: various camps, classes, and I am a piano
teacher.  He recently won a state competition for his music composition. 
	 Even tho he is very bright and high level thinking, we have tried to
take care not to "push," (that's why we waited on the Phonics, even tho
he begged for it) but instead to "allow" him to learn--which is why we
are homeschooling.  Public School not only did not allow that, but
he--plus our entire family--became extremely frustrated by trying to
have him in school. As a family, we enjoy his interests: Astonomy club,
paleontolgy, numismatics--you name it!
	I see a need to seek out a more suitable science
program--class--tutor--for him.  Doesn't look like our fair city can
accomodate.  He is becoming quite bored with what we have to offer, even
tho he gets very inventive using any available resource.  
	Would love to hear what you have to offer..  Louise