From: sstovall <>
Subject: Re: NASA QUEST
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 97 04:05:04 -0500

>Any suggestions?
I am not a home school parent, I am a elementary classroom teacher in 
Florida.  I would think that the most important issues would be the same 
for either of us, consistency and structure. 

You don't say the age(s) of your child(ren), or which grades, but I 
believe a strong phonics program is necessary.  I have never seen it to 
fail that if a child knows all the rules of phonics and drills those 
rules, they can read anything at any age.  

I don't know which curriculum you are using, but OPEN COURT is an 
extremely good non-religious, strong phonics program.  ABEKA is a strong 
phonics, religious program.  Both of these programs have fun ways of 
stressing the proper way to learn, so you couldn't go wrong with either.  
It will depend where your emphasis happens to be or which direction you 
would go.

I can look for some titles of materials that you could use if you would 
like, but the internet is full of information.  In fact, it may be an 
overload with what you find.  But, if I can help with any questions, let 
me know.  

Sheila Stovall
Holiday, FL