Re: feedback please -Reply -- You are not alone.

From: sstovall <>
Subject: Re: feedback please -Reply -- You are not alone.
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 02:59:54 -0500

On 12/8/97 10:41 PM, Eve Katuna at wrote,

>We are all receiving the emails that are being sent by someone who
>obviously does not know how to unsubscribe to a listserv. We receive them
>because they are being posted to the listserv and not to the person who has
>the ability to remove her name permanently and rapidly.
>It is something that happens. I just keep calm and know that the problem
>will come to an end soon.
>I would not let this minor thing upset me as it is just not worth the effort.

You are so right.  Life is too short to get upset by something this