Re: NASA Newest and Newmast

From: Ginny <>
Subject: Re: NASA Newest and Newmast
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 07:16:17 GMT

At 5:48 AM +0000 12/10/97, Ginny wrote:
>Dear Marilyn, lfm-ers, Teachers and Techos,
>        I received a  flyer today from NSTA announcing that the NASA
>training summer workshops NEWEST and NEWMAST are doubling their annual
>participation.  They are positioned at this time to have twenty workshops
>next summer, two at each NASA center. I have the brochures if you are
>interested in applying.  It is a wonderful experience and I highly
>recommend it.    Just download it from
>or e-mail
>        An original and two copies must be in the NSTA office by February
>20th, 1998.
>It is fully funded by NASA, ITEA, NCTM and NSTA
>        You are guaranteed to be inspired!  Ginny