Re: Invalid E-mail addresses

From: Eve Katuna <>
Subject: Re: Invalid E-mail addresses
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 18:18:27 -0500

Just thought that you might want to know that I have had the same problem.
It is something that happens regardless of the listserv. I have a valid
email just in case you are interested. I am in Charleston, South Carolina.
I would suggest that the webmaster eliminate any emails from the list that
bounce a message back. One could simply be sent out asking us to validate
our emails; this is usually done every six months with my listservs.
I have enjoyed the 'conversation'. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday.

>Dear Stephanie,
>At least mine is a "good" address!  I know the feeling of speaking (writing)
>my heart, and having the electronic wall bounce it back in my face.
>Disheartening to say the least.  Maybe in the mobile society of today lots
>of folks are signing up for information and then move or change servers
>before receiving answers.  I doubt there would be any software to avoid
>invalid addresses, but maybe we could notify the NASA webperson about those
>invalid addresses and they could be removed from the list.
>Are you from Canada?  I'm thinking that maybe the ca at the end of your
>address is for your country like be is for mine.  I'm an American living in
>Belgium.  I teach a fourth-grade class near Brussels, and we use a lot of
>NASA materials in our science program.
>Sarah Balace
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>From: Stephanie Wong <>
>To: <>
>Date: Monday, 08 December 1997 5:03 AM
>Subject: Invalid E-mail addresses
>>Sometimes, I get mail returns for invalid E-mail addresses subscribed to
>>this list.  It is quite annoying sometimes when you keep on getting
>>"Returned mail: Cannot send message within 3 days".  Is there any software
>>to stop this?

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