From: Eve Katuna <katunae@loki.cofc.edu>
Subject: D.Hare:
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 20:53:03 -0500

>Teachers who are on long term disability are increasing at an alarming
>rate. Teachers booking off ill has sky rocketed in the last few years.
>D. Hare, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What do you think is the cause of the long term disability that you
mentionned in your email?  How many students are there in each class? Do
you feel that the administration supports the teachers at these schools?
How difficult is it for the teachers to go on long term disability? Are
they still regarded as salaried or do they use their accumulated sick leave?
	You also discussed materials. I totally agree with you .Resources
are few in many states in the US. Our science budget is extremely low. We
had to resort to fundraisers, but last year we were told that we could no
longer do this. I do not remember the reason why we were told not to
continue this practice. The fundraisers helped us purchase materials that
were classified as consumable. Chemicals, and other objects that could only
be used once. I stress relevance and application to the real world.
Instruction is not taught as a single entity but as a part of the total
picture which includes other subjects as well. This has been mentionned by
others in their emails as being the most effective method of instruction.
Activities are incorporated to encourage the students to  apply, comprehend
and to help them answer the question that has been asked since I was young-
Why do I need to know this?
 	The attendance of teachers in some states directly influences their
annual evaluation. In the district where I teach, our principal evaluates
us on different parameters. One of these is attendance, and she frowns on
any teacher being absent for more than 3 days during the school year.
Unfortunately  this has caused a great number of teachers to go to school
sick and even to spread their illness to the student body.  We are hired on
merit so you must be at school- sick or not. This has put a terrible strain
on the faculty and on a sick faculty member.  We recently had a faculty
member who said that she felt sick for 18 months. She should have gone to a
doctor so much sooner as she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She refused
to even stay home this year because of the new merit policy, but it was her
health that she sacrificed. My prayers are now with her as she fights the
greatest fight for her life.

Eve Katuna (katunae@loki.cofc.edu)

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