Re: Alberta Education

From: Stephanie Wong <>
Subject: Re: Alberta Education
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 12:17:42 -0700 (MST)

It is true that the cuts made by the government of Alberta has severly hurt
the education system.  As a resident of Edmonton, I know.  I don't know what
the condition is in the public school system, but the Catholic schools are
doing fairly well.  Our class sizes are of about 30.  Although we only have
a fraction of the amount of students when compared to public schools, we get
less funding.  I don't think many teachers get ill because of the students.
Most of the failing students are the ones who refuse to learn.  The ones
that need help go to IOP classes for further instruction.  Teaching,
overall, is quite good.  We recently got a number of new computers, and most
got hooked up to the internet.  What I think is hurt most by the cuts is
music (need more instruments, more repairing, band trips).  
Do public schools have little or no regstration fee?  Catholic schools have
a hefty fee.  Are you a teacher in a public school or of the UofA?

At 08:35 12:58 31/12/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Interesting discussion of public education. The simple truth is, at least
>in Alberta (Canada),
>politics, poor decision making and the uninformed have made it difficult
>for teachers to do their job as effectively as the public expects and
>demands. I challenge the public to spend time in public schools. What you
>will find are overcrowded classrooms, students with mild to severe
>psychological problems who are not receiving appropriate support, few
>resources, teachers with little time to actually think and plan, etc.
>Teachers who are on long term disability are increasing at an alarming
>rate. Teachers booking off ill has sky rocketed in the last few years. In
>the end, students who need extra attention are being left behind. This is
>the state of education in the Province of Alberta.
>D. Hare, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada