More suggested titles...

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: More suggested titles...
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 06:33:32 -0600

Dear David and discuss-lfm members,

Scanning **past** discuss-lfm postings I found another
suggested title.  This one from Bob Albrecht...

Bova, Ben. Mars. New York, NY: Bantam Books. 1992. The best 
science fiction novel about a peopled scientific expedition to Mars.

and from Jennifer Mott...

A children's book called "The Three Astronauts"  This story is about 
three astronauts from 3 different countries racing to mars.  
I used it as an introduction to the international cooperation 
aspect of the Mars mission.  The students (mine are 8th graders) 
loved it.

Hope this helps!

Jan Wee, moderator