Re: Mars Pathfinder Balloon Lander Project

From: James and Janet Cook <>
Subject: Re: Mars Pathfinder Balloon Lander Project
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 07:59:25 -0700

Actually, I got my directions from a newletter put out by the american
museum natural history.  What we did was:
1. Make an equilateral triangle 8" on a side out of tagboard.  
2. Fold to make a triangular pyramid with 4" sides.
3. Punch 4 holes in each triangle side with a paper punch.
4. Blow up 16 water balloons (they were the cheapest) with air (hope you
have strong cheeks!)
5. Stick the knots thru the holes and tape to the tagboard (we used
masking tape and transparent tape.  both worked).
6. Tape a raw egg to the inside of one triangle.
7. Fold up the sides so the egg is inside and the balloons are outside
and tape together.
8. Climb up something tall and throw.  Our's lasted 4-5 throws.

good luck and have fun!
lecaille david pierrot wrote:
> >This is a wonderful activity!  We did it this summer with K-5th graders
> >and they ALL enjoyed it.  My daughter did it and threw hers off the
> >balconey in 35 mph winds and even landing and bouncing across the yard,
> >the egg didn't break!  Just yesterday she was asking to do it again!
> >janet
> >
> I'd like to know where i can find plans for this activiy, can you help me?
> thanks.
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