Re: Mars Pathfinder Lander Project

From: Eileen Bendixsen <>
Subject: Re: Mars Pathfinder Lander Project
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 19:01:51 -0501 (EST)


You will find The Incredible Light Bulb-Egg Drop Challenge at  We only had the top
of the bleachers to drop ours from, but my students thought it was one of
the best activities last year.  I plan to do it again.


At 05:07 AM 11/24/97 GMT, you wrote:
>I saw some time ago on "Live from Mars"
>where students used balloons to simulate
>the Mars Pathfinder Lander by building a
>model and then dropping it from a build-
>ing with an egg in it.  Does anyone
>know where this project can be found on
>the internet.  I heard them advertise it
>but I did not think at the time to write
>it down.  Now I am looking for it.
>Any help would be very gracious.
>Regan Grandy
>(Student Teacher, Idaho State University)