Space on-line

From: Ivy Merriot <>
Subject: Space on-line
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 21:18:04 -0900

Hi Jean,
  About your request for websites for space and the solar system:  I
work with an internet based school, Montana Polytechnic Institute, whose
emphasis is space science. 
 Their address is:
 Many students are taking courses through Montana Polytech as a part of
their own school's technology and science programs.

Jean Ward wrote:
> Does anyone have an already put together list of web sites on space/solar
> system?  The teachers here have just gotton on the Internet and are looking
> for information that has already been gleaned by other teachers.  They
> would also like sites where there is curriculum materials for elementary
> teachers.
> Thanks for your help!    Jean Ward, Idaho