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From: "Mike Reynolds" <>
Subject: Re: chats
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 97 09:15:39 -0500

     Hi Rhonda,
     Our school has a school wide network which allows me to email messages 
     to all of my students.  Before the web chat I mail them the time and 
     place of the webchat and the biography from the LFM website.  I ask 
     them to either attend the webchat or to email me their questions 
     before the program.  After the event I email each student the response 
     that we receive to their question.  If I have time in science class we 
     look at some of the other questions which were sent by other students 
     and talk about content, tone that was used and how well the question 
     was answered.  I have an LCD for my overhead projector so I can put my 
     computer screen on the classroom screen or use a scanner to convert 
     from my computer screen to the large classroom monitor.  This allows 
     everyone in class to see what is on my computer without having to 
     huddle around the classroom computer.

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Subject: chats
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Date:    11/23/97 11:28 PM

-- [ From: Rhonda Toon * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
Hi all. I have been spreading the word about PTK in Georgia over the 
past few months and have had several questions about the web chats. 
Since I am not in the classroom this year --no kids )-: I have not 
participated. Would some of you who have participated please address 
this issue?  Is it easy? Any problems? Helpful hints for managing this 
in the classroom? Thanks.
I haven't noticed any postings from new PTK-ers in my service area, but 
hope you all will feel free to jump in with questions. There are lots of 
people on this list who are willing to help you. Jan, hope you are having 
a good year! We need to talk soon! And lastly I join Tim in 
congratulating PTK on another great broadcast. I was in my former 
classroom with my former students and we were all excited to have two 
questions answered live during the program. We are excited about the 
rainforest journey ahead! Rhonda Toon