Web Chat feedback/highlights of LFM Program #5

From: Jan Wee <weejan@mail.holmen.k12.wi.us>
Subject: Web Chat feedback/highlights of LFM Program #5
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 07:12:56 -0600

Dear discuss-lfm members,

It would be interesting to hear from those of you participating
in yesterday's (or earlier) web chat with members of the Mars
Team!  Participants could share...

        How did you prepare for the chat?
        What was your physical setup -- did you use a single
                computer station or use the computer lab or?
        What did you learn from the guest expert?
        Is it easy to participate?  Any hints for new "chatters".
        Other comments?

If you missed Program 5 "Today on Mars" some of the highlights

        Interactions with members of the Mars Team included
        Glenn Cunningham (NASA JPL), Donna Shirley (at NASA
        JPL in the "sandbox" where they test the Rover), Wayne Lee (at 
        NASA JPL), Henry Moore, Wes Ward, and  Phil Christensen
        who is the Thermal Emission Spectrometer principal investigator
        for Mars Global Surveyor.

        Mission update including segment explaining how the Mars Team
        turned a near crisis into a bonanza by slowing down the
        aerobraking process (original plan 4 months to maneuver
        into orbit now will take 1 year but much more science data

        Seeing how the science behind how the TES analyzes the composition
        of rocks using spectra analysis  (several participating LFM schools 
        sent rocks from their region to be used on the program!)

        Seeing how Tim McCollum's class conducted the Activity 1.2.  See:
        to map unknown surfaces and took it another step further by
        using spreadsheets and a visual display program easily accessible
        and produced 3-D images.  (This was an extension of an activity
        the Charlie Lindgren of MA did with his students using NIH
        imaging -- see the Kid's Corner link on the LFM web site for
        more details!)

        Seeing many of the students of the discuss-lfm forum working on
        the Weather Worlds collaborative activities -- brainstorming,
        problem solving, building and testing weather instruments. 
        Classes included Lucy Marske's (Iowa), Ginny Dexter's (northern
        California), David Glaser's (California)  and others! (sorry
        I didn't catch all of them!)

        Hearing explanations and seeing real images and graphs explaining
        data collected thus far from the Mars Missions.  Several experts
        explained the new data and new findings.

        There was a wide variety of student questions on topics from
        volcanism to powering MGS when on the dark side of Mars to
        dating craters and the sample return missions.  

        What the future will bring in Mars exploration -- we heard from Norm
        about the upcoming Surveyor '98 missions and those that follow and the
        future of manned missions.  A glimpse of The "Vomit Comet" a K-135 plane
        used for testing spacesuit dynamics (simulates weak gravity conditions)
        gave us an idea of just how rigorous the testing is!).

        And the finale focused on the people of the Mars Missions featured
        throughout the LFM experience - a brief update on their lives
        and the new challenges they are undertaking.  It was neat to
        hear that Rob Manning now has a new reason to stay up late...
        a new baby!

If you missed "Today on Mars" and did not receive a copy of Sunday's
posting on how to access this program, please email me!

Have a good week!

Jan Wee, moderator of discuss-lfm
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