Thanks to PTK for a Super Project

From: (Tim McCollum)
Subject: Thanks to PTK for a Super Project
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 21:57:09 -0600 (CST)

Hi PTK'ers

        Ditto to Lucy Marske's comments and words of appreciation. LFM
certainly gave all of our students a head start in learning about something
which would later prove to be a huge scientific ( and media ) success.
Having met many of the JPL folks at the Washington D.C. Mars Workshop made
their outstanding accomplishments all the more meaningful.  Hats off to
Geoff, Erna and the entire PTK support team for their vision in chosing the
Mars missions for this project.
        A special thanks goes to Erna and Brian for spending the day at our
school and highlighting the work of my students during the final LFM
broadcast.  I'm sure there was a run on blank video tapes at our community
Wal-Mart and I'm confident that these will be seen by lots of grandparents
over the coming holidays.
        Thanks to Scott Coletti and Charles Lindgren for sparking the idea
of using NIH Image with their wonderful online examples.  This is truly a
great tool for image processing which I plan to use even more in the
        Thanks to Erna and Skip McNevin for arranging the phone
conversation with MGS Project Manager Glenn Cunningham.  We scrambled to
get a speaker phone for the classroom and our local phone company rep came
through. The kids did their homework well and came up with many excellent
questions.  As is often the case, I'm sure they'll appreciate the
significance of that opportunity even more when they look back years from
        Finally, special thanks to WEIU-TV at Eastern Illinois University
for rebroadcasting the recent program during evening prime time so the
entire community could share in the excitement.
        Looking forward to future PTK projects and sharing the vision with

Happy to contribute,



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